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The best termite treatment? Prevention.

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If you think you have termites at your property, it is important that you do not disturb the termite activity to get the best treatment results.

Please contact us as soon as possible. We will make your concern a priority and ensure one of our termite technicians is at your service.



We will assess and access the termite damage, then provide a quotation to treat. A treatment can also be carried out during the first initial visit.


Every termite treatment includes a free follow up appointment in 14-21 days to ensure treatment was a success.

What You Need To Know About Termites

Termites invade homes by travelling from their colonies in trails to the foundations of your property. Cracks or gaps around pipes, in the mortor are often the point of access for termite entry. Homeowners can also get termites from:

  • Wooden structures, like porches and decks, in direct contact with the ground
  • Stacks of firewood that lean against the house
  • Damp soil near foundations from leaking faucets, gutters, or downspouts
  • Trees and shrubs planted close to the building.
Above ground locations in the house that remain damp enough to support termites without them needing to return to the moist conditions found in the soil.
Some indications you may have a termite infestation:

  • A temporary swarm of winged insects in your home or from the soil around your home.
  • Any cracked or bubbling paint or frass (termite droppings).
  • Wood that sounds hollow when tapped.
  • Mud tubes exterior walls, wooden beams or in crawl spaces.
  • Discarded wings from alates
termite damage
Regular termite inspections from a qualified professional is the number one recommendation, but here are some other simple steps to make your home is a less attractive target for termites:
  • Eliminate moisture problems within your home (leaking faucets, keep gutters clean, seal entry points around water & utility lines or pipes).
  • Remove termite food sources (firewood, stumps & debris, check fences & decks regularly).
Read below how we can help further prevent your humble abode from termites.

What We Do

termites in wall

Termite inspections

Evidence of termites rarely becomes visable to the home owner until significant and costly damage has already occurred. Our experienced technicians are expertly trained at inspecting the internals and externals of your property for signs of termites. We use Termatrac, borescopes and moisture detectors, along with other techniques to search for termites at your property.

Our service provides you with a fully detailed report including pictures, listing any damage identified, recommended treatment and prevention plans.

Termite Treatments

If you’ve located active termites it is very important not to disturb them in any form. We recommend a full inspection of your property to confirm if any other activity maybe present.

The method of treatment can vary dependent on the location of the termites, the methods used to treat the termites could be either by use of a Termiticide liquid, foaming agent or a dust. After the affected areas have been treated we will conduct a follow up inspection on the treated areas to confirm that the desired result was achieved.
termite barrier

Termite Prevention

Chemical Barrier
The property/building can be protected against concealed termite entry by installing a chemical barrier using an approved Termiticide. For existing homes a chemical barrier has to be installed manually . This involves digging a trench around the external perimeter of the property.

Termite Baiting
This requires installing a bating system around the external areas of you property. The maintenance of the baits would require property owner to commit to a program of monitoring the baits on a frequent schedule.

Pre-Purchase Termite Inspection

Thinking about buying a property? Obtaining a Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection will allow you to have confidence that your property is free of termites.

If you’re looking to purchase a property and the seller does not have a current Pest Inspection report, we can arrange one for you. Our service provides you with a fully detailed report including pictures, listing any damage identified, recommended treatment and prevention plans.

*Building inspections can be arranged upon request.
termite damage

Pre-Construction Installation

We can’t stress enough the importance of termite prevention during construction. Take the first step in the right direction by choosing a product that will protect your property for its lifetime.

Scientific Pest Management offers both physical and chemical termite protection products for your home:

  • TermX Replenishment System
  • Homeguard Precision Termite Management.
Get in touch with us today to learn more.